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How to Eliminate Pimples


Professional extractor tools for breaking and clearing pimples and blackheads are much better than popping your acne by hand. Popping acne transfers dirt and oil from your hands to your skin and only extracts the superficial dirt, which can aggravate pimples. Professional extracting tools can clear dirt deep within the pore to prevent future outbreaks.

How do you go about this? Read on...

1) Buy a pimple extractor (found at just about any cosmetic store or pharmacy). These have a needle point on one end (used for pricking open pimples) and a loop on the other (used for pressing down on pricked or open pimples to squeeze out the gunk).

2) Disinfect the extractor with some rubbing alcohol and be sure to wash your face and hands before proceeding with any extractions. Also use the rubbing alcohol to cleans the pimple and the area immediately around it to make sure everything is ultra clean.

3) It's best to do extractions after you've washed/steamed (be careful not to get too close to the steam or you'll risk broken capillaries!) so the gunk inside is softened and more ready to be squeezed out. I like to take a wash cloth and run it under hot water, ring it out real good and place the warm damp cloth on the area for just a minute or two.

4) ONLY pop pimples with a big, white or yellow-ish head. Don't even think about trying to extract ones without a head because you will only make it grow bigger and cause other pimples to pop up around the surrounding area. You also run the risk of bruising the skin and causing more trouble.

5) Using the extractor, prick the tip of the pimple then put the loop part over the pimple and press down. If the pimple is ready to come out, the gunk should be squeezed out quite easily. You want to make sure to get it all out (a more solid part, the root or "mother seed", should be extracted to make sure the pimple doesn't come back the next day). This will be the harder and dryer portion of gunk that is the last to come out.

Sometimes using the extractor doesn't get everything out, so I wrap my index fingers in tissue and squeeze both sides of the pimple to get a better extraction. Squeeze until a clear liquid or blood starts to come out. That is an indicator that all or the infected material has been removed

6) I like to hold an ice cube on a newly popped pimple for a minute or two to help reduce any swelling I may have caused and then disinfect the area again with some rubbing alcohol (beware, it'll sting!) Then I dab on some neosporin and cover with some DuoDerm Synthetic Skin but a BandAid will do fine. This helps it heal faster and prevents scarring.

One last thing, do not attempt to pop a cyst (those gigantic, under the skin pimples that hurt). Cysts are really deep in the skin and trying to pop one will cause nothing but pain and an even angrier cyst. The best thing to do is to either hit it with some kind of pimple cream every hour or put a warm compress on it to bring it to a head faster.

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