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Doesn't it seem like science have come a long way in the development of skin creams? There is always talk about groundbreaking new methods explained in fancy medical terms when it comes to products for anti-aging and cellulite. When it comes to Acne, most popular products still contain the only commonly known ingredient known to effectively kill Acne: Benzoyl Peroxide. Well, it seems like the time for change has finally come for the multi-billion dollar Acne-fighting industry. Some leading brands are racing to find a more healthy and effective alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide. One of them claims to have found an all-natural alternative, and is now having the whole industry reconsidering their use of Benzoyl Peroxide.

You may have heard of a famous research years back which showed that consuming red wine in moderation could actually lead to a longer and healthier life. Scientists at Oxford University decided to take a closer look at the substance found in skin of red grapes called Resveratrol. In 2007, the research concluded that the higher concentration of Resveratrol within the skin, the lower the levels of acne-causing bacteria.

Dermajuv, a leading skin-care company, became the first to use Resveratrol in their products. They have had great success with thousands of happy customers, but change don't come fast, and most of America is still relying on Proactiv and other celebrity endorsed big brands with Benzoyl Peroxide for their Acne cure. The problem with Benzoyl Peroxide is that it's just a "temporary fix" and does nothing to treat Acne for the long-run, and causes irritated, dry skin for many users. To treat Acne you have to attack the bacteria from both inside and out, and not just through topical treatment.

Dermajuv's Acne Treatment works great for both Acne prevention and scar removal. Resveratrol does not only kill acne bacteria, it's also very effective for decreasing swelling and redness through its reproduction of fresh skin-cells. After all, making your acne less visible is just as important!

If you have tried countless acne treatments and are still waiting for the right one, it is time you step away from Benzoyl Peroxide and get with the latest and greatest. I battled Acne for years and had no success with Proactiv or any other products. I am now on my 2nd treatment with dermajuv, and all I get is a few occasional pimples!

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Pimples Through the Microscope - Has Science Found a Permanent Cure For Acne?