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The skin in the genital region does not differ in any way from other hair-bearing parts of the skin. However, the fact that the genitals are usually covered and confined for the greater part of the day may give rise to some unique circumstances that can aggravate pimples. Also, genital skin is rich in nerve endings, and as such, any kind of skin eruption is immediately a problem.

For all of the above-mentioned reasons, the customary anti-pimple preparations usually used on the face are to be strictly avoided when it comes to genital pimples. To illustrate, a solution containing the chemical benzoyl peroxide may be only mildly irritating if used elsewhere, but will cause excruciating pain if applied to inflamed genital skin. Nor is it advisable to try and drain a genital pimple manually.

Genital pimples can be a symptom of sexually transmitted disease, and any kind of fluid-filled eruptions on the skin in that area should be considered in that light if unprotected sex has taken place. At the very least, an STD may take the form of the painful herpes zoster (the kind that often shows up on facial skin); this is painful but not very serious. However, the dreaded syphilis initially makes its presence known by a reddish genital skin rash that might include pimple-like eruptions.

Genital pimples should not be confused with genital warts. They may resemble pimples, but that is where all similarity ends. There are over fifty distinct strains of genital warts, and almost all of them are typified by skin-colored, white or gray bumps - but these are permanent and even surgical removal is a strictly temporary measure.

Blocked hair follicles in the pubic region will result in pimples just as they would anywhere else on the body, and routine hygiene is all that is called for in such cases. Again, a dermatologist is the best judge of whether an outbreak is harmless or not.

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Genital Pimples