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People with greasy and oily skin-type are more prone to acne, skin irritations and excessively dirt-clogged pores. But, being born with an oily skin is also a blessing in disguise because people with oily skin are least affected by aging processes such as wrinkles and lines, compared to other skin-types. Scars, the final remnants of pimples are the most undesirable and dreaded aftermath of acne.

The scientific name of acne or pimple is acne vulgaris, but this commonly occurring problem is creating havoc in the lives of millions of teenagers and adults across the globe. So far, skin-cleansing and blood purification methods are claimed to be the most recommended methods used to reverse the effects of hyper-hormonal activities and rapidly occurring pimples.

DMSCare, a one-of-its-kind Ayurvedic acne treatment, possesses incredible remedial properties- it diligently purifies the blood cells and cleanses the skin from inside out leaving the pores unclogged and dirt-free.

In the sacred texts of Ayurveda, acne vulgaris is defined as an inflammatory disorder of the skin, originating from the root of the hair follicles where the sebaceous glands are located. The root cause of pimples is believed to be a collection of factors such as internal constitutional disorder of the body, constipation, indigestion, faulty food habits and hyper-active body hormones.

Typically, pimples appear on the face especially on the nose, cheeks, forehead, chin and it may also occasionally appear on other parts of the body such as the shoulders, arms, back and the chest. In the early stages pimples are characterized by itchiness, inflammation, redness and mild pain in some cases, and then, the subsequent phases exhibit a prominent pus-filled pinhead that hardens as it grows.

The pus, usually, dries out in a matter of few days leaving behind a hard and dull-yellowed crater-surface, in other words, a pockmark. The occurrence of severe acne problems can have intense effects on females who are innately more conscious of aesthetics. Interestingly, bowel movement is directly-linked to the health of our skin- the largest organ of our body-so, acne treatment and blackhead treatment containing mild laxatives is known to help the body cool internally and expel toxins.

Efforts to subdue the problem of pimples can be adversely affected by self-causing habits that aggravate the spread of acne. Acne can be spread from an affected area to another through habitual touches, squeezes and scratches. Unwanted touching and scratching breaks the pus-filled pinheads, the pus is then spread to uninfected parts of the skin.

In the arena of home remedies for acne, various types of vegetables and herbal supplements such as aloe vera, neem, cucumber, garlic, orange peel, avocado, egg white and so on are used in the making to paste to curb the menace of pimples.

Appropriate intake of vitamin supplements is also considered essential to have a healthy, beautiful and radiant skin. DMS Care is a safe and side-effect free herbal supplement possessing remarkable properties for reducing the occurrence of acne, pimples, zits and blemishes.

Ayurveda improves lives and brings happiness!

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Pimples - An Incessant Worry For Teenagers