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In the first place, should you pop a pimple?

There is always the danger of spreading the infection.

Yet when you go for a facial, part of the facial, especially for someone who suffers from acne, is the very painful extraction.

Let's go through what happens with a professional acne facial.

First, face is cleansed thoroughly with skincare products meant for acne.

A scrub mask may be put on the face and then the face is steamed with a portable steamer meant for facials for 15 minutes.

The therapist would gently massage the skin with the scrub to remove debris. Then a wet sponge is used to rinse off the scrub completely.

At home, you can get the same effect by washing your face. Then apply a scrub mask on your face.

Bend over a bowl of just boiled water, with your face 10 inches above the water surface, for 15 minutes to let the steam 'open' your pores.

Then rinse off the scrub mask with warm water.

Next, the extraction and pimple popping begins.

A pimple extractor - that insidious instrument of torture with a ring at one end for the blackheads and a needle at the other end to prick the pimples is used.

The ring is pressed glided against the skin to press out the blackheads that are now loosened.

Then only the pimples that are ripe are pierced.

The sharp end of the extractor should be sterilized over fire. In a salon, a new needle is taken out of a sterile pack to lance the pimples.

Only the pus filled pimples that are already going to pop are pierced at the side. Then the pus is squeezed out with the clean fingers until all the pus is out and some blood comes out.

An antiseptic is applied on the wounds to prevent infection.

A kaolin mask or mud mask is applied over the skin.

After rinsing off the mask, an antiseptic pimple treatment is applied again on the pressed out pimples to prevent infection.

Personally, I wouldn't pop the pimples as it could lead to infection and scarring. Better to use an acne remedy to treat the pimples and to take acne pills [http://www.sisadvice.com/acne-pills.htm] to get rid of the pimples for good.

The author wrote more about acne at [http://www.sisadvice.com/teenskinwoes.html]

How To Pop A Pimple