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If you get pimples on your penis, it would be a really frustrating thing to even just think about. I have been there. It is embarrassing to make inquiries about it. If you are married or currently involved with someone, you will also have to come up with weird excuses for not doing that thing. Let's talk about the causes and possible treatments as follows.

The most important thing to do is not to cure what you have got, but to prevent the condition from happening again in the future. When I got my first one pimple on the penis, I didn't realize it until the pimple ripened and my panties was contaminated by a liquid mixed with mucus and blood after the skin of the pimple was broken with friction. After that, it faded away on its own.

I didn't mind it too much until the next time it flared up again. I did nothing else than going through the same procedure. But I knew then that I must find out what causes pimples on penis and how to get rid of them. However, it was not easy to turn to anyone with such a problem. So I did a research through the online search engine. Here is what I found out and have proven to be true.

Poor hygiene at the genital area is the major cause of pimples on the penis. So in order to prevent them from happening again, you need to wash your penis carefully, especial the skin close to the body, each time you shower. Change your underwear everyday. Wash the corresponding area on the underwear carefully and dry it properly.

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Pimples on the Penis - How to Prevent Them From Future Flare-Ups