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Pimples or acne whatever you want to call them make an appearance in most people's lives at some point. They usually start around the teenage years when your hormones are going crazy and for some people will stop after a while. For others they can be things bad dreams or made of. Popping up the night before a important meeting or prom night.

So what can you do? Well first try and use some good acne face wash this will hopefully keep the pimples at bay most of the time but make sure you use it as instructed as over use could damage your skin and create a whole load of pimples.

Keep relaxed, learn relaxation techniques, pimples tend to show there ugly head when you are stressed or anxious hence the reason they show up before important events after you have been stressing. Now there will be times when prevention methods are not enough and you will get whitehead pimples. So what should you do? Well most people have their own methods. Some will just pop them by squeezing them with fingers. This could potentially leave scars and the pore may get infected if you don't clean it properly.

Some will clean the whitehead, heat up the end of a needle and stick it in the whitehead and gently squeeze it.

Another method it to use the metal pimple extractor which has a small hole which you place over the whitehead and push down gently. This will make the pimple pop and squeeze the white stuff out. Make sure no matter which way you do it the wash your face properly to ensure the pore is cleaned out.


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