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Big pimples are awful, and they always find a way to appear on your face before something important like a big date or job interview. Big pimples are actually technically called cystic pimples. Cystic pimples are one of the biggest, worst, and most painful types of pimples.

Here are a few basic guidelines when it comes to big pimples:

Do not pop your pimple unless you feel that you absolutely have to. It is easier for a huge pimple to become infected and/or leave a big acne scar if it is popped.

Make sure that you are monitoring the progress of you pimple. If it gets bigger, changes colors, feels significantly different then it is time to make an appointment with a dermatologist.

Pimples, even big ones, should start to get better within 3 days of appearing, if your pimple refuses to get better, do not be hesitant to visit a dermatologist or at least call one to see if you should go in for a visit.

How to prevent cystic pimples:

Cystic pimples are often caused by two main factors:

1. Poor care of your skin. You need to make sure that you are washing your face several times a day. Also using whatever acne cream, pill, or gel that has been known to work for you is always a good idea.

2. Poor care of your body. Eating a diet high in fat and not drinking much water is not a good thing to do to your body, and these holds true acne wise as well. Try to cut down on your fat intake and make sure you are drinking plenty of water and your situation should improve!

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