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Getting rid of pimples over night can be a challenge, albeit an achievable goal if you have the proper acne products and approach. By following these fundamental natural and medical acne treatment techniques, you will awaken with clearer skin, every single day.

On average, severe acne tends to heal at an approximate 25% rate per month, however for a mild acne breakout or a few pimples, this will be effective to get rid of pimples over night.

First, be sure that you are treating your skin with appropriate acne products, such as ones specifically formulated for acne skin labeled: oil free, nonacnegenic, or noncomedogenic.

To get rid of acne over night you will need:

A gentle facial cleanser containing salicylic acid
A mild moisturizer for acne prone skin
Natural sea salt
2 soft wash cloths
Medicated acne treatment product

The first thing you want to do, is take a clean wash cloth and soak it in hot water mixed with natural sea salt. Make sure that the sea salt contains no additives, color or perfume. If you are using unfiltered water, you could first boil the water and let it cool.

Place the hot towel (not hot enough to burn the skin) on your face for 5 minutes
Rinse and repeat 3 more time for a total of 20 minutes
Rinse your face with cold water using no cleanser or products
Wait at least one hour if you can

Throughout the day, drink plenty of water, consume plenty of fruits and vegetable, drink green tea and take a multivitamin with minerals.

Consume no processed, refined or greasy food products
Get your blood flow circulating until you at least break a sweat - open your skin cells to fresh oxygen intake, to prepare skin for the next step
Take a shower and be sure to thoroughly rinse all products from your hair
If you have inflamed, white head, or sore acne - skip this step: in the shower, take a soft wash cloth and gently (no scrubbing) remove dead skin cells from your skin
Gently wash your face with a salicylic acid facial cleanser
Rinse your face with cold water for a few seconds (not freezing) before exiting the shower
Lightly moisturize your eyes, lips and any other ares that are dry
Wait 20 minutes for skin to thoroughly dry
Apply a pea size amount of a gel Retinoid product over your entire face, concentrating on pimples

If you can not obtain a retinoid acne product, the best next option is a prescription based Benzoyl Peroxide or Clindamycin product. If you need to use an over the counter acne product, stick with dermatologist recommended brands such as Neutrogena. You should sleep with a clean pillow case and tie your hair up to kick-start getting rid of acne over night.

Get rid of acne over night - the morning after

Place a wet, soft wash cloth in the freezer
Shower/ wash your face with a salicylic acid facial cleanser
Rinse with cold water before exiting the shower
Lightly moisturize or use sunblock if needed
Wait 20 minutes for the next step
Before applying your makeup, remove the frozen cloth from the freezer and allow it to soften (keep it frozen)
Lay with your head elevated on a pillow and place the frozen cloth on the pimple or the entire face for at least 5 to 15 minutes

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Get Rid of Pimples Overnight - Even If You Have Severe Acne

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