Understand Why People Pop Pimples additional

There are two reasons why so many people who know that popping pimples is bad for their face in the short and the long term, pop their pimples. The first reason is pretty obvious, popping a pimple helps your face look better in the short run. A pimple can get to be as big as one centimeter, or bigger, in diameter. Immediately after popping a pimple a little bit of "juice" may squirt out, and the area may be slightly more red then your face usually looks, but overall your face will look better than it would have otherwise over the next couple of days.

The teens out there today with enough willpower and confidence in their selves to not pop most of their pimples will be the adults in the next couple of decades that "hold up" the best, at least when it comes to their skin. Very few people out their think about where they will be in 10 years, let alone a week.

The other reason why people pop their pimples is rather surprising, the want control! There are people that pop their pimples not because it will make their face look slightly better in the short run, but because they like to think they are in charge of everything. These types of people are more likely to have OCD [Obsessive compulsive disorder] and they are less likely to have self confidence and believe in their selves. If you do pop pimples, try to stop! You will thank me, and yourself, later.


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Why People Pop Pimples