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When pregnant a woman will experience many hormonal changes and some of these changes will have an affect on their skin.

Progesterone and estrogen levels increase and so causes changes in the skin's pigmentation and creating outbreaks of pimples acne and blotches on the skin. Dark splotches on the cheeks, forehead or the upper lips can be due to a condition called melasma.

Around 50 to 75 per cent of women will suffer this skin condition with it being more common amongst dark complexioned women. Melasma is a skin condition that is made worse by exposure to ultraviolet light. More than ever therefore it is vitally important that during pregnancy that women use a good quality mineral based sun block. Avoid chemical based sunscreens as it is possible that the ingredients could be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Skin care during pregnancy also includes treatment for acne; for some women, pregnancy is the best time of life with stories of glowing skin but for others it is no so true for pregnancy can wreak havoc with previously well cared for clear and glowing complexions. Some women who do not regularly get spots pimples or blackheads may suddenly find themselves with outbreaks of acne.

If acne affects you during your pregnancy steer clear of antibiotics. Products that can be absorbed into the blood stream should be avoided completely as any such products will have adverse effects on your growing baby and this is particularly important when you are nursing your baby. It is most important whilst you are breast feeding to keep this in mind. It is best to use natural products with no synthetic ingredients. Avoid products with fragrances or funky colours and if you are at all unsure it is definitely worth checking out with qualified nursing staff or medical practitioners.

Dry itchy skin is common during the later stages of pregnancy, especially in the winter months. Soap is very drying and shouldn't be used, instead a gentle moisturizing facial cleanser or body wash may be more beneficial. Long soaks in hot baths are not advisable. If you suffer from dry skin hot water will dry the skin out even more. After the bath or shower, before towelling completely dry,apply an oil free moisturizer to seal in the small amount of moisture left on your skin.

Not only during pregnancy but at anytime advantage can be gained for dry itchy skin by getting plenty of essential fatty acids and in particular the omega-3 fats that can be found in oily fish such as sardines, herring and mackerel.

Even when not pregnant stress can have an adverse effect on your skin so it is really worthwhile trying to relax more and stay calm and worry free, easier said than done if you already have an existing family to run I know, but you your skin and your new baby too will all see the benefits.

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Your Skin Can Change During Pregnancy Trimesters