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If you are younger, getting rid of pimples almost seems like a normal part of life. This is very true for teenagers. Many think this is a problem that is only faced by those with dirty skin. This is not always what happens. Many different things factor into why acne occurs. It could be hormones or even areas where there is simply a buildup of bacteria on the skin. In order to be able to deal with this problem you need to know what the cause is. Once you know the reason it is happening you can then take steps in prevention.

What's The Cause?

Pimples will form on your skin for three main reasons. These can occur anywhere on the skin, however they are primarily on the face, neck, back and forehead during the teen years. In most cases, it is usually a combination of all three factors that lead to acne.

1. Sebum, or the oil on your skin is overproduced. Because of this overproduction there is now a warm and moist climate in the pores. The tiny openings in your skin that are the pores will then trap this oil and keep it on the skin for a long period of time.

2. Blocking of the pores can occur. This can happen because there is a large amount of shedding of dead skin that gets in the pores. This will work to clog up the pores causing. When this happens the hair follicles will get irritated and it will cause inflammation of the pores.

3. Because of these two things happening, bacteria now have ideal conditions to grow. The dead skin cells form the food and moisture from the oil provide for optimal living conditions. This will cause your immune system to kick in and attack the bacteria. This will lead to inflammation, pain and then the redness.

When the bacteria and your immune system are battling it out you will experience areas of inflammation and pain on your skin. This is where pimples will form and you will have the whitehead pus that is a result of the bacteria thriving and getting out of control.

Remember that your skin is an organ. Every day it changes with the loss of skin cells and the change in moisture. To keep it healthy you need to wash with soap to keep the pores clean, remove oils and eliminate bacteria. If you do not do these things to keep your skin clear, pimples will form. Keep in mind that the skin is a living and breathing organ. You need to ask yourself why this is happening. In many cases with teens the problem is hormonal. If it continues to get worse in regards to the oils and dead skin cells as you age it may be an underlying hormone problem and not only growing up.

Pimples can cause a great deal of pain both physically and emotionally. Pimples can be a problem, however you can treat them. Any product that you can use that will help to eliminate bacteria, reduce oil, and eliminate dead skin cells can be helpful. Make sure you are using the right products to get this under control and to reduce the appearance of acne. Seeking professional dermatologist doctors advice for a pimples facial infection symptom that appears is a good idea especially when experimenting with topical hygiene pimple treatment natural remedies and prescription medication cream treatments. Using the right treatment will help control facial skin conditions that occur.

Pimples are a condition that happens to many people. Take the time to find out how to treat Pimples. How to Get Rid of Pimples

Pimples - Why Do They Happen?