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Is there anything worse than waking up in the morning prior to a big event only to find that a huge, nasty pimple is sticking out of your face? I know the answer and you probably do too. Haven't we all been through this more than once? Well, there is good news. You do not have to resort to desperate measures any longer. You can stop squeezing your pimples as there are better ways to get rid of them; here is how to stop pimples dead in their tracks:

1. Try to wear makeup that is not oily pr oil based as this can cause a bad problem with acne flare up. I may mention this more than once but remember to stop squeezing your pimples as this will cause scarring and is totally unnecessary.

2. Another really effective way to stop pimples is to place an ice pack on the infected area every twenty minutes or so and hold it down for a prolonged period of time once an hour until you see a change.

3. If you are absolutely desperate and have no other choice because nothing else is working then I suggest using a concealor as this will provide a temporary fix to the problem area.

4. An old fashioned method of stopping pimples is to simply place a little tooth paste on the area and watch it dry right up. This will also help you at night so as to place a dab of your favorite tooth paste on the infected area and in the morning it should be greatly reduced if not gone all together.

5. Do not squeeze or pick at a pimple, as this will only cause it to get worse. Try good old fashioned, natural soap on a regular basis in addition to the things that have already been mentioned.

The following suggestion on how to stop squeezing your pimples and treat your acne infected area are a start in good overall facial hygiene and care.


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Stop Squeezing Your Pimples - 5 Ways to Get Rid of Pimples