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Milk Causes Pimples - Does It?


Pimples are caused by hormonal changes in your body and milk does contain hormones. Assuming that you drink cow milk or any animal milk for that matter, natural hormones from the animal will pass into the milk. The milk that you drink may contain more or less hormones depending on where you live. Some countries like Canada doesn't allow growth hormones to be added to the milk product while other countries will allow Bovine Growth Hormones into the milk to increase milk production in cow. Does milk cause pimples? It depends on the person.

Some people, specially teen are more likely to getting pimples. When they go through puberty, where there is a lot of hormonal changes and if they drink milk which will inevitably has some hormones, that added hormones from the milk to their body will likely increase the pimples which they would have had anyway. If milk does your body good, then you should continue drinking it. If you notice that your pimples are getting worse, you should do a test to find out if it is really the milk that is causing the pimples to appear.

Do a test to see if the milk is at the root cause of your pimples. Stop drinking the milk for a while. You can replace the milk with another drink, like orange juice with added mineral and calcium for example and see if your pimples disappear. Regular washing of the affected area with warm water and antibacterial soap two times a day should bring a relief to the condition.

Other thing you can do to get rid of the pimples is to exercise regularly. Exercise will help get rid of stress, help you sleep better. When you exercise, your body will sweat, therefore you will get rid of impurities through sweating. Drinking plenty of water will further rid your body of toxins by flushing impurities out of your system and removing all things clogging your pores. By exercising regularly, washing often with warm water and a gentle soap, you may just be able to keep on drinking milk and it may no longer be a contributing factor causing pimples. Does milk cause pimples? Well it can be a factor!

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