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Pimple On Lip

Pimple On Lip

Though it is a common perception that oily skinned people are vulnerable to acne, people with dry skin are not immune to acne. People with dry skin are not normally affected, but they certainly can get it. Dry skin acne is caused when the natural moisture content of the skin becomes very low or lost. The skin loses its moisture content and becomes dry, especially during the winter season. The skin tends to itch and peel off when it becomes dry. In extreme cases, it leads to cracking of the skin, which is sore and sometimes bleeds.

To treat acne on dry skin, it is important to moisturize the skin. You must try to retain the natural moisture content of the skin by applying moisturizing lotions or creams. It is good to apply these immediately after baths or showers, since the skin absorbs better when it is moist and when the pores are open. The moisturizing lotions and creams comprise agents like aloevera, glycerin, and mineral oils that help in increasing the moisture content of the skin. They are generally sunscreen based. Mild soap cakes, liquid soaps, and bath solutions are available for people with a dry skin acne problem.

To treat dry skin acne, oral medications are commonly used. Several ointments are available to treat dry skin acne. They have to be applied on the affected areas gently as per the suggestion of physicians. This helps in healing the wounds or cracks in the skin. The areas mainly affected are elbow joints, the areas surrounding the lips, ears, and neck, and the buttocks. It is a common condition which tends to occur in extreme hot or cold climates. Clothing can play a role in the treatment of dry skin acne; cotton clothing can be very soothing for people suffering from this, as synthetic materials can trap sweat and aggravate the condition.

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